Gahaya Links - Awards & Achievements.

Gold Exporter of the Year 2008 by Rwanda Development Board
Gahaya links won the award due to its transparency, thoroughness in keeping the right exports documentation, transparency in remitting taxes and exporting products that promote Rwanda and create a great impact to Rwandans.

Best Corporate Social Responsibility 2008
Gahaya links won the award due to its well structured backwards linkage program that involves working with rural disadvantaged women. Everything at Gahaya Links benefits women. The company is very instrumental in initiating weavers’ cooperatives of less advantaged women in rural areas. It trains members how to weave and also searches for markets for their products.

Legatum Pioneers of Prosperity 2008 Winner
Legatum Award 2008: Following a thorough scrutiny by OTF for six (6) solid months, which involved diagnosis of all departments of the company including even conducting interviews with weavers, Gahaya Links was awarded a Legatum Award which saw the company walk away with a US$50,000prize.

Rwanda Best Taxpayer 2006
Gahaya Links was awarded the best taxpayer of the year 2006 by Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA), beating all large companies in the country. Wining the award, was due to satisfactory compliance and transparency in remitting all taxes.

Former US first Lady Acknowledgement Letter
  Gahaya links was honoured to receive a letter from former first lasy Mrs. Laura Bush thanking the company for the job well done in empowering the disadvantaged women in Rwanda. The letter was sent following her state visit to Rwanda in 2008

Employer Award 2009 by Ministry of Labor


The Africa Prize for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger (The Hunger Project )

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Our Values

Commitment to Sustainable Practices
Paying fair and competitive wages, go  beyond wages to provide basic services of life to improve the quality of Rwanda’s rural women and men. Provide both product and management training while encouraging growth and personal development

Commitment to Quality
Commitment to differentiating our product line by its superior craftsmanship, bring new innovations, and diversify our product line and offering a unique product line to each customer.

Customer Service
Responsiveness to all customers regardless of their size and backgrounds.

Commitment to being responsible for all company decisions and operations to meet the expectations of the board, and the clients.

Team Work
Commitment to work together to achieve a common goal while respecting each one’s background. 

Mission and Vision

To weave lasting peace by providing skills which create economic opportunities for the women and men of Rwanda, one person, one family, one village at a time.

At Gahaya Links, we believe that women’s economic empowerment provides the foundation for achieving sustainable peace and development in Rwanda. Our model revolves around this belief, going beyond fair trade to create jobs and improve the quality of life for women (and men) living in Rwanda’s most challenging socio economic environments.

Our Goals

Social Responsibity

Increasingly empower the number of artisans and remaining committed to upholding the values of sustainable fair trade.

Market Leadership
Uphold the market position as the leading exporter of Rwandan handcrafts as well as expand product line beyond woven commodities.

Operation Efficiency
Improve technology and administrative functions as well as acquiring additional machinery and equipment to hasten production process. 

Who We are

After the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, Rwanda was faced with a gender imbalance, with many women left as widows, single mothers, wives with husbands facing long jail terms, and teenage orphaned girls. Thus, our artisans are are less privileged rural Rwandans, majority women whose relatives and husbands were either killed during the genocide, fled the country or are in prison charged with genocide related cases.

Gahaya Links was founded to train rural women after the devastating 1994 Rwanda Genocide that left over 1 million dead. In 1990's sisters Joy Ndunguste and Janet Nkubana offered the women a small shop to sell their baskets and earn an income to meet their basic necessities.  The sisters later offered to meet the women in their villages and learn how they could use an old Rwanda traditional skill to better their lifestyles. From a humble beginning under a tree in a remote village called Gitarama,  the sisters organized about twenty women and taught them how to weave, how to enhance their weaving skills with new design techniques and how to work together by looking beyond their ethnic differences. Today Gahaya Links is a growing network of over 4,000 weavers across the country organized in 52 savings cooperatives.

Gahaya Links became the first Rwandan handcraft export company to benefit from the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) by exporting to the United States. Gahaya Links is now the leading of Rwanda’s one-of-a- kind baskets commonly known as "Peace Baskets". Gahaya Links wavers are take responsibilty for callling them the peace baskest, for they put their differences aside in order to work together and build their communities and a country once so devastated.